Latest Smartwatch from Samsung


Samsung Electronics Co. is developing smart watches which also can be used to communicate without having to connect to a smartphone.

Samsung's mobile phone watches to be released between June and July, as reported by the World Street Journal quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (05/27/2014).

samsung smartwatch

The watch phone also features a camera that can take pictures, and equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and a heart monitor.

"This feature can make James Bond certainly pleased," said the source. Mobile watches issued advanced technology companies from South Korea that is powered by the operating system made ​​by Samsung, Tizen developed with Intel Corp..

Samsung itself refused to comment and provide pricing info from the advanced mobile phone watches.

Samsung itself has released four smart watches in the market, including the Galaxy Gear is running an operating system made ​​by Google and Gear 2 with Tizen OS. All devices must be connected to the smarphone.

Currently giants like Apple Inc, Google is racing to develop mobile computing devices such as watches to seize the market this year.

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