Efficacy of black tea to burn fat and lose weight


Scientific research has many proven benefits of drinking tea in dissolving the fat in the body. One block, can be used as a kind of tea is black tea selection. Brew black tea is one effective way to reduce overweight and obesity. The content of catechin compounds in black tea is an important substance that plays a role in the fight against fat.

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Effect of catechins than black tea brewed drink for about 90 days will be able to lose weight significantly. This is because the effect of catechins can inhibit insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) as a ligand binds to its receptor. Various research has been done to reduce obesity by exploring the source of natural herbs as a healthy beverage. Call it like green tea, black tea, a mixture of fruit juice and vegetables, as well as other herbal ingredients.

During this time, people only know green tea to your diet in an attempt to lose weight. However, now there are research-related properties of black tea were able to lose weight and burning fat effectively.

Various studies on black tea has also been done. One was tested in obese mice and the results, giving brewed black tea to lose weight obese mice significantly.

Research other in vitro by culturing the cells of fat, conveniently indicates the presence of inhibition of adipogenesis, the initial process of fat cells turn into mature fat cells, and increases apoptosis, programmed cell death, with Epigallocatechin gallate treatment / EGCG 200 (cateching the tea leaves).

To clarify the role of catechins in the inhibition of adipogenesis, the research continued with the analysis of "in silico" which catechins indicates that inhibit IGF-1R, but not on the protein IGF-1. The results of this study identified that brewed black tea has potential as a natural bioactive for preventive therapy in reducing obesity.

Obesity is a condition of excess body fat tissue mass. This is caused by the body's metabolic abnormalities that may increase the risk of morbidity multiple systems in humans, such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, coronary heart disease, depression, and lack of confidence.

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