Xiaomi Immediate Release `Apple Watch` Affordable Version


Occurrences Apple Watch has attracted the attention of many people. Not only the potential customers, competitors, Apple was reportedly vying to create a brand-new smart watch that rivals Apple Watch.

One of which reportedly will soon also go into business, smart watches are Apple's competitors from China, namely Xiaomi. It is appropriate report quoted by Gizmo pages China, Tuesday (17/03/2015), mentions that Xiaomi was preparing smart watch wearing metallic substrates such as those used on smartphones HTC One M9.

Xiaomi sophisticated timepiece is rumored to feature a play button and a very slim design resembles Apple Watch. Only the price is guaranteed to be much more affordable than the Apple brand-new product.

Furthermore, it is explained that Xiaomi not work alone in working smart watches. They reportedly been working with manufacturers of wearable devices are also from China named Hunami.

In the sector of features, smart watches Xiaomi will also rely on tracking feature health, especially the heart rate detection users just like Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, until now the news has not been confirmed by the Xiaomi.

xiaomi release smart watch like apple watch

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