Woolrich Women’s Mountain Parka


 Woolrich Women’s Mountain Parka jacket have been made with good quality and very attentive to the comfort jacket usage. Too many color choices, and everything was very interesting. The price is also relatively inexpensive and affordable. There is a choice of gray, blue, red, orange, and black colors. With a wool blend and buttons are also zippers, Woolrich jacket alone is more interesting to buy. Buy it was actually easy. Many stores that sell this jacket, but the price may be different. I personally recommend you to buy here. But it's up to you. If you have another favorite place to shop, will be interesting to buy there. Especially if you are spending dilengkapai with a discount if you already subscribe there.

Woolrich Women’s Mountain Parka Reviews

Generally, the product details are as follows:

  • Wool Blend like most other Woolrich jacket
  • zipper closure makes the jacket looks classy look though the price is cheap
  • Upper liner: 80% wool/20% nylon yarn dye wool twill weave washable 8 oz
  • lower liner: 100% nylon taffeta 2 oz
  • Shell: 60% cotton/40% nylon Ramar 4.5 oz
  • Friendly with washing machine, Dupont Teflon treated for water repellency
  • Adjustable wool-lined hoodie with leather cord locks

The most I like about this jacket is bright and striking colors, too many pockets on top and bottom. Also thick enough to make the body feel ready for the fall and winter. So even though the price is cheap, only about $169 on amazon, but it can be regarded as exclusive jacket this year. It feels very appropriate if these jackets are included in the ranks of the top 10 best jackets in the Woolrich jacket category.

Woolrich Women’s Mountain Parka Images

For more details, you may not believe I'm saying, please see the following image. Maybe you'll think harder to buy after seeing this picture interesting. I just show Woolrich jacket in blue. For other colors, you can click the link below the picture, because I saw you look more perfect viewability.

More colors...

I think it's just a review about Woolrich Women's Mountain Parka. Very menerik do talk about the products that we can buy and possess. Some disadvantages of a product may often forget we are talking about because it has been happy with an item. But that does not matter. And lastly, one word for this jacket is incredible. I love it.

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