Will.i.am and Gucci designing Smartwatch


Frontman vocal group The Black Eyed Peas, as well as famous musicians, Will.i.am again made a breakthrough in the world of technology. This time he collaborated with fashion labels and luxury watches, Gucci.

Will.i.am which also has a technology brand, i.am +, is rumored to be making a watch attached to smartband (smart bracelet). Interestingly, the wearable device can work independently, which means it does not have to connect to mobile devices such as smartphones.

1.am+ gucci smartwatch

The device must have a unique, given the smart bracelet on the market today still require a connection from a smartphone or other mobile device.

"In this collaboration we will make the device fashionable and technologically advanced. We will create something unique in the market," said Will.i.am.

"From the beginning I created the 'fashionology,' the term incorporation of the world of fashion and technology. About the price and availability yet to be confirmed," continued this musician.

Citing Ubergizmo pages, Saturday (21/03/2015), smartband who have not given this name mentioned can make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, play music, feature maps, track fitness activity, and even comes with a software assistant sound personal.

Although Gucci is not too popular with the product at his watch, but at least this fashion brand from Italy will enliven the market wearable devices such as TAG Heuer luxury. See also the article about criticism of an artist to smart watches apple, here.

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