Wild Lettuce for help Whooping Cough Symptoms


One of medication to help whooping cough symptoms is Wild Lettuce. It is the medicines an anodyne, nervine, narcotic, hypnotic, and diuretic. Lactuca virosa, the other name of wild lettuce is helps of pain sufferers to calm restlessness and make reduce anxiety. This wild lettuce so helps to induce sleep for some people thoose experincing insomnia. if using this medicines caused a sedative effect on the respiratory systems, it's usefull for whooping cough and nervous or dry or irritating coughs. Wild Lettuce may also help to reduce relieve birth pains, reduceĀ  headaches feelings, and other like muscle/joint pains. You must notice the caution. It's An overdose may cause some lethargy and poisoning for user. Can calm our restlessness, reduce anxiety and induce sleep. Make Relaxes the respiratory system to relieve whooping cough and dry coughs. This wild lettuce Helps relieve chronic pain.

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