Why Investing is very nice to be so cheap and desirable? Indonesia


indonesiaWhat happened to Indonesia? In the midst of so rich natural resources and human resources, too many are not utilized. Seemed so short. It seems like everything needs to live in Indonesia, nature is so beautiful like a paradise world, plants and animals are so diverse, so rich tribes, should be very conducive to the prosperity and development of the country and the nation of Indonesia. Just imagine, almost no plants that can not grow here. All can be planted, and even some plants that can only grow in Indonesia, such as mangosteen, salak plants, starfruit, and many other plants here. It's in the land, not to mention how many natural resources that exist in the Indonesian seas. It turns out all that is not enough to make the Indonesian people live in prosperity. It seems there are limitations on communities to manage all that. Requires a cool hand to manage and utilize natural resources here. Some people say that their problem is capital money. Maybe it could be true. Indeed, many large investors here. But the skill that belongs not enough. Is likely require intervention from others, whether foreign investors? Then as if investors are required?

There are many lands that are not explored here. Lands should be planted ginger for example, planted with a variety of raw materials for perfumes, and a variety of other high quality materials. There is so much to do here. The good news, the price of land is relatively cheaper when compared to the world price of land. Small investment could for enough land here.

What else is needed here? in Indonesia?

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