What can you use to clean your lcd tv?


Often I get questions, What can I use to clean my LCD TV? and here I will try to give the answer. If you just bought a laptop/notebook or PC with LCD monitor, you might be a little worried about the LCD screen is prone to dust. If you want to find a tutorial on how to clean the LCD screen without damaging the screen or you what to do and what not should be made to the LCD screen, the following I will explain a bit about what you have to do with the LCD screen you.

First of all you must know, you can use materials from the household to clean or can also buy a commercial kit to complete the task. Whatever method you choose, you should know the following things:

First, Cleaning the LCD screen with ingredients containing alcohol, ammonia or other solvents is not recommended by the manufacturer. You must understand that LCD is not glass, so that should you use to clean is with a dry soft cloth.

Second, When you want to clean with a liquid, try using distilled water or a mixture of 50/50 white vinegar and distilled water. Do not ever try to use tap water/taps, water wells, etc., because the water contains minerals that can damage the LCD screen or can be left behind scars/permanently disabled on the screen.

Third, Do not try to spray water directly on the LCD screen. This can cause permanent damage to the LCD screen. Should apply first to the cloth, wipe the new/cleaned.

Fourth, It is recommended to use a microfiber cloth. You can try such as pure cotton T-shirt, lint-free microfiber cloth, disposable cloth (available at pharmacies) or other similar soft cloth. Lens tissue that you use to clean the camera you can also be used to clean the LCD screen or a cloth to clean the lenses can too.

If you already have options that are available for clean, straight to the next step. First turn off the power source prior to the LCD or notebook PC. To create a more secure, unplug the power adapter and remove the battery, laptop/notebook. Now try pouring a liquid on the cloth. Do not make the cloth wet, just moist.

Use a little pressure when you clean the LCD screen. Use a circular motion that is consistent on the screen. Only gentle pressure, pressing hard can damage the LCD screen.

After finishing the LCD cleaning jobs you had, make sure you dry the LCD screen before closing it or turning it on. To make it dry, you can use a dry lint-free cloth that I've suggested at point fourth above.

If you follow the above tips when cleaning properly Notebook LCD monitor, LCD PC, TV, Plasma TV, LCD screens and all, then there will be no permanent damage to the LCD pixel. THIS MAY HELPFUL TIPS.

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