Water Diet for Body Slimming


Water is the extraordinary gift of God. He has a lot of benefits. Has many benefits known to man. But many are still being excavated benefits and explored further. Little is understood that water is one of the media to slimming body. Not only that, the water also has many health benefits for the body.

Never forget to drink water. Do not let your body's water shortage. Water particles play an important role in the activity of the cells in the body.

For purposes of diet, slimming, weight loss, water may be one of the media that can be used.


Ideal body weight or proportionally very important for health. Slim body can also improve self-esteem for a person. This is the importance of diet, which is to maintain the health and appearance of the body in ideal conditions. Keeping the weight in order to remain proportional, is also expected to keep the body from various diseases disorders, such as cholesterol and hypertension.

However, it is important to note, choose a diet that is healthy and safe. According to experts, there is a model of diet to lose weight safely. These diets are often known as water diet 10 days.

Water diet 10 days has its advantages. It does not take long and practical. Here is a step-by-step 10-day water diet:

Day 1: Mineral Water

Never miss to consume mineral water. Start the first day of your diet by consuming one glass of mineral water every 2 hours.

Day 2: green tea

On the second day you can consume green tea. Green tea on the second day will help the body to remove or detoxify toxins. This method is the key to success for weight loss for 10 days.

Day 3: Water ice

Who said cold water will make the fat accumulates in the body? Ice water burn calories even more water than usual. In addition, water ice can also increase the body's metabolism in a short time.

Day 4: add jaggery

Jaggery is a natural sweetener made from sugar cane juice concentration results, has a dark color and rough. The aim of the technique is to help revitalize the body's energy. Simply add 2 tablespoons of jaggery into mineral water as much as 5 liters.

Day 5: Water soup

The function of water soup is that you can consume fluids are full of protein and vitamins. Consuming a cup of soup will make you easily withstand hunger and suppress the feeling of satiety.

Day 6: Juice

Juice is one of the mandatory fluid should be consumed at a time when water diet for 10 days. The reason is to fill the nutrition and vitamins as well as stamina in the body

Day 7: Sweet Water

What is meant by Sweet water here is a blend of mineral water with sugar and a little salt. On the seventh day, this drink will help you optimally to trim the fat in the body. This water also serves to maintain blood pressure and balance.

Day 8: Hot water

Hot water works to reduce body fat directly. Hot water can also help you to reduce cellulite.

Day 9: Herbal

Herbal water helps to eliminate toxins in the body. Strength herbal flushes toxins on day 9 of the water diet for 10 days to lose weight.

Day 10: Water lemon

Lemon became one of the best ways to lose weight. However, with lemon water, you need to add honey and a pinch of cinnamon to help lemat and weight reduction.

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