Unhealthy lifestyle of modern society


What do you do every waking every day? Breakfast with food sandwich meat or cheese, or smoked a cigarette after waking. and what habits do after waking up?

In this global era, increasingly borderless world. All things can be done at any time, including eating, or other habits. Habits of people in one country can spread rapidly to other countries. This is thanks to the means of communication.

Back to the question, what habits you do after you wake up? In some countries, there are people after waking habit is drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, listening to relaxing music, and sometimes also interspersed with smoking cigarettes. They are very relaxed. Another in another country. Habits were different in each country.

In terms of diet, it is also easily spread from one country to another with ease communication and disseminators of information, for example the internet. Often habits unhealthy diet also spread away without getting a good filter. So it has a lot of unhealthy eating habits that become habits of society in general.

Various types of diet and unhealthy foods such as fast food, junk food, soft drinks, has now been circulated and became a lifestyle in the community. Penchant for eating healthy foods such as eating vegetables and fruits are no longer ignored. It is often regarded as the customs of ancient people, parents and grandparents used.

Instant foods are unhealthy food source. Natural and fresh food is very good for health.

fast food and junk food

The other bad habits in this day and age is a little move. Many of them rarely exercise. Less sport increasingly makes the problem bigger. Regular exercise though briefly, it will be very good for our bodies. This is the second bad lifestyle as unhealthy diet, less exercise.

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity. In the past, people who are obese judged to have prospered. They will be proud of body fat. But now, after a lot of people know, body fat eventually feared many people. Many people spend more money to prevent her from obesity.

Thus the two lifestyles are often carried out by us today. Hopefully we can be alert to these two things, instant food and lack of exercise. By knowing this bad lifestyle, hopefully we can bring ourselves into a healthier and better life.


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