Unfortunately of Dani Pedrosa in MotoGP San Marino Misano


Unfortunately Pedrosa in MotoGP San Marino Misano. Ambition of winning a hat trick revealed by Dani Pedrosa in MotoGP anticlimactic ending san Morino, which took place at the Misano circuit Smoncelli Marco, Italy (16/9). Instead of winning, Dani Pedrosa even unlucky twice.

Misfortune Pedrosa started the race has not started yet. Pedrosa should have started the race from Pole position, but the problem with the front tire, making it to retreat to the back of the grid. Punishment is a consequence retreat grid Pedrosa suffered due to pull the bike back to the paddock. Reported Crash, this is done to replace the front tires peddrosa.

And unlucky second occurred at the second corner. Rear tire with front tire touched prammac ducati rider, Hector Barbera. Barbera said, he apologized to Pedrosa, and he said that it was an accident, it was just an accident, just might happen in people who are less precise (Pedrosa).

As with the toughest rival Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo, automatic fall twice as lucky. In addition to its start position advanced to the position of the pole position, Lorenzo could lead the race with ease. He is no longer thinking about the threat of Dani Pedrosa. Lorenzo finally end the race perfectly.

No less interesting is the appearance in the race Valentino Rossi. In this race, he again performed well with a variety of changes in the bike. Rossi finally be on the podium again, after such a long absence from the podium since joining his new team. Apparently, he returned to provide input and changes in the use of motorcycle suspension. But it was in the previous race, Rossi had experienced engine problems on the bike. The motor smoke. I do not know if this is because they do engine changes or other causes.

What is clear, in the Misano race this time, shit is at Dani Pedrosa. Instead of chasing points lorenzo, he even lagging further and further away with the points Lorenzo. But that's racing, not only takes skill rider, engine and suspension is good, but it also takes luck rider.

And following the video about breaking Dani pedrosa with Barbera. lets see it, and thanks for reading my other sharing in this blog.

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