Understanding the Terms When Buying Your Designer Watch


chronograph watchesYou will generally have to go through contracts, warranties, and other documents, when purchasing something expensive. Before you get lost with the terms, let this piece of information guide you with the terms when buying your first designer watch.

Choosing the best designer watch for you does not only require the right suggestions for shopping, you also need to be knowledgeable with the watch lingo. It is because you'll come face to face with plenty of jargons or technical words when buying your selection of timepiece.

But, before you get intimidated, this information will guarantee you which you have nothing to worry about. You do not need to panic since these terms are quite clear even for the ordinary individuals in the street.

Here are the three most common terms which may not be comfortable to you personally. You will need to strain the effort to understand these terms to be learned of the designer watches suited for the professionals.


Chronograph is just a term consistently connected with good quality watches. The expression is used to spell out the functions of timekeeping and stopwatch. As far as industry standards are concerned, analog chronographs are more expensive than their digital counterparts. Ergo, opt for the analog type in the event the budget allows.

Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC)

This is actually the certification of precision and accuracy of Swiss watches. As Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute translated, this could be the actually symbol that tells us that watches from Switzerland are really more precious than any other watches available in the market. If the watch you picked has the approval of the institute, it truly can be considered as a high quality chronometer.

Perpetual Calendar

This term describes the function to display dates automatically. It is a great characteristic of designer wristwatches. This is really a feature that you might want to consider when selecting your designer watch, if you are the type who's so aware with the time and date.


Based on the terms provided, it can be concluded that understanding the terms with your watches might not be too difficult. The key with shopping for watches is to permit the seller know that you understand what you need and you have an idea with all the watch industry. With this particular knowledge, I am positive that you will possess the confidence to get the watch you at all times wanted.

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