The types of batik in Indonesia


The types of batik in Indonesia there are many. Generally depends on the type of batik each area. Each style batik has its own function and purpose. Here is a variety of batik in Indonesia:

Batik Cuwiri

Cuwiri batik is batik motifs that use natural dyes saga. This batik is usually used to semekan and a tank top in Indonesian language, it's meaning 'kemben', also used during the ceremony mitoni. Motif is mostly using the elements and Gurda Meru. Cuwiri itself has little meaning for the wearer appropriate and expected and respected.

batik cuwiri

Batik Kraton

Batik Kraton is the forerunner of all kinds are growing in Indonesian batik. His motive implies a philosophy of life . These batiks made by the daughter of the palace and also batik's experts who live in the palace. Motive basically forbidden to be used by the "ordinary" as motive Parang Barong Batik, Batik Parang,  including Batik Udan Liris, and some other motives.

batik keraton

Batik Sekar Jagad

Sekar Jagad motif is one of the typical Indonesian batik motifs. This motif contains the meaning of beauty and the beauty that others see will be fascinated. There also assume that the motive Sekar Jagad actually comes from the word "kar jagad" which is taken from the Java language (Kar = map ; Jagad = the world), so that this motif also symbolizes diversity throughout the world.

batik sekar jagad

Batik Pringgondani

Pringgondani itself is the name of the son Ghatotkacha kesatriyan Werkudara residence. This motif is usually displayed in dark colors like blue indigo (indigo blue) and soga-brown, and full of tiny tendrils interspersed with dragons.

batik pringgondani

Batik Kawung

Which is characteristic of the patterned circle motif is similar Kawung Kawung fruit (a type of coconut or sometimes also considered a fruit and fro) are cleanly laid out geometrically. Sometimes, this motif is also interpreted as a lotus flower (lotus) flower with four leaves are chapped. Lotus is a flower that symbolizes longevity and purity. Usually the motives Kawung named basicly of it size.

batik kawung

Batik Sida Luhur

Motifs beginning with sida (read sido) is a class of motifs that many made the batik. The word "sida" itself means so/be/happen. Thus, motifs beginning with "sida" contains the hope that what is wanted can be achieved . Motif Sida Luhur (read Sido Luhur) meaningful hope to achieve a high position, and can be a role model for society.

batik sida luhur

Batik Sida Asih

Motifs beginning with sida (read sido) is a class of motifs that many made the batik. The word "sida" itself means so/be/happen. Thus, motifs beginning with "sida" contains the hope that what is desired is can reached. Meaning of motif Sida Asih (read Sido Asih) is the expectation that people develop a sense of mutual affection and love between people.

batik sida asih

Batik Semen Rama

Explanation: interpreted as a depiction of the "spring of life" (life thriving or prosperous). There are several types of ornaments on the principal motives of cement. The first is related to the mainland ornaments, such as herbs or quadruped. The second is related to the air ornament, like the eagle, bird, and 'megamendung' (sky). While the third is associated with sea ornament or water, such as snakes, fish and frogs. Type of ornament is most likely something to do with the "Triloka" (Three Realms) or 'Tribawana' understand. This ideology is the doctrine of the three worlds; center of the world of human life, the world where the gods and saints, as well as the underworld of street life where people do not really/satisfied insolence.

batik semen rama

Batik Sida Mukti

Sida Mukti is usually made from natural dyes saga. Usually used as a fabric in the marriage ceremony. Including motive element in it is Gurda. Motifs beginning with sida (read sido) is a class of motifs that many made the batik. The word "sida" itself means so/be/happen. Thus, motifs beginning with "sida" contains the hope can be reached. One is sida mukti, containing hope to achieve inner and outer happiness.

batik sida mukti

Batik Tambal

'Tambal' meaningful means patching or fixing broken things. In the course of his life, people have to improve ourselves towards a better life, physically and spiritually. Previously, patterned batik "Tambal" cloth believed to help cure the sick. The trick is to wrap the sick person with fabric patchwork motif. This belief arises because people are sick thought there was something "less", so to treat it need to be "patched ".

batik tambal

Batik Farmers

Batik is made as a distraction activity housewife at home when not to go into the fields or during leisure time. This batik is usually coarse and clumsy and not smooth. His motives hereditary fit each area and batik is not done professionally because only as a sideline. For staining was included to the merchant.

batik petani

Batik Sudagaran

A prohibition of the palace motif that makes artists from the merchant to create a new motive to taste the merchant. They also changed the motive motive restrictions so that the public can use. Sudagaran batik designs generally impressed "bold" in the election form, stylization on natural objects or animals, or a combination of colors that dominated Soga and dark blue colors. Batik Sudagaran present in the quality of workmanship as well as the complexity of the process of presenting a new decoration. Batik creator Sudagaran change Batik Keraton with complicated content and filled with dots (cecek) so as to create a very beautiful batik.

batik sudagaran


The fabric used by the parents of the bride in the wedding ceremony. Truntum means lead, is expected the wearer/groom parents to provide guidance and examples for their children to settle into a new life that is full of twists. This is shape with Modern Batik Motif Truntum.

batik truntum


Wearer is expected to be a wise man, is able to provide guidance on the magnanimity of the right path according to the Almighty.

batik ciptoning

Sido Mulyo

Meaningful dharma, prosperity and protect their ground. Here's the form of Modern Batik Motif Sido Mulyo.

batik sido mulyo

Sido Mulyo Cement

Sido means continuously, whereas the mean mulyo sufficiency and prosperity. This is expected given that wearing batik sufficiency and prosperity.

sido mulyo semen

Batik Temurun

Expected users always get a hint in the face of life by the Almighty.

batik tumurun

Batik "Udan Liris"

It's meaning drizzle, a symbol of fertility. Here's the form of Modern Batik Motif Udan Liris.

batik udan liris


Expected users of this motif fabric being a wise guy.



Parang means weapon, describing power . Even Jessica Alba wears batik Parang Motif.


Batik Gringsing

Gringsing adri said this motif derived from kat gring which means pain and sing that means no. Therefore, the significance of this motif is rejected any disease.

batik gringsing


Grompol in Javanese means together or united. Parents symbolizes hope for all good things will come together, the fortune, happiness, harmony, peace for both bride and groom family. Moreover, it also means that couples hope the new family can gather or remember his extended family wherever they go. Another expectation that all relatives and guests will gather to walk festive wedding.



Abhimanyu the son of Arjuna (the Pandavas). He will have children (Parikshit) which will lower the knights who were the kings of Java. This motif implies the hope that the wearer can have properties such as the nature of the warrior Abhimanyu.


Such kinds of motives Batik in Indonesia, I have collected from various sources, and quite tiring to look. Actually there are several motifs that yet again I fit in her . Hopefully next time I can load more motif that can help you to become familiar with a variety of patterns and motif.

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