Troubleshooting car engines are easy to heat


If this problem occurs on your car, a new car a short distance, but the engine was hot, even though new journey 16 miles. Often it happens that the engine oil is also easily reduced eventually, but not yet an oil change. Reserve radiator water too quickly exhausted. Though there are no leaks in the radiator. Does it have anything to do with fast cars engine heat? What can we do to solve this problem?

Car engine heat up quickly, meaning there is clearly a problem with the cooling system. Parts associated with the cooling system, including: cooling water, oil, water pump, radiator, and cooling fan. Could it be a leak? Leaks do not always occur in the radiator. Leaks can also occur in the water pump, or a leak could occur due to clogged radiator caused by corrosion. Possible problem could occur in an already bad radiator cap. Poor state of the rubber seal causing water to be wasted and the radiator quickly exhausted. This is because the temperature rises, the water pressure is increased as well. This is what causes the water to come out with this pressure.

The radiator is leaking, often not visible when a cold engine, unless the leak is severe. A small leak of hair, it would look when the engine is hot. Leakage will be seen from the marks are usually rusty brown. Just follow the trail of leakage. Poor radiator maintenance is also often the cause of the leak radiator. Rarely drained, or not wearing a coolant that normally contain anti-corrosion materials. This has led to a buildup of rust in the cooling water lines. And in a certain amount, the pile may cause obstruction. Cooling channels are disrupted, accelerate the heat engine. In this regard note the bolts to prevent permeation. Note also the hoses that connect the radiator to the engine.

The next possibility on the car's cooling system problem is the cooling fan. Note the mechanical mover, does rope fan is functioning properly or has been slippage. For electric fans, whether living when the temperature reaches the limit. The possibility could be problematic in temperature switches, electric motor, or both are problematic.

For the oil issue frequently reduced, it can happen because the engine temperature is too high. Or it could happen because it leaks. The use of full synthetic oil also causes rapid engine oil is reduced, because this type of oil is volatile. And finally if the minor technical problems that I mentioned above do not resolve your problem, it helps you bring the car to the authorized repair shop.


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