Troubleshooting car engine is overheating


How do overcome the car engine is overheating? This should not happen to your car. Before this happens, try to always look at the panel temperature gauge on the car in front of him. If the visible symptoms of the engine temperature rises, immediately pull over and find a safe place. To avoid overheating. Open the hood, find the cause of the increase in the temperature of the engine. It could be the radiator water leak. Can also occur in the radiator hose. Sometimes also the radiator cap. Be careful, do not open the radiator cap in hot conditions. Dangerous. Another thing that might happen is, maybe the oil leak.

Finding the cause of the rise in engine temperature must be made. If the journey continues, but the problem has not been found, not long before the same problem will occur. Car engine overheating problem will happen again.


And if the overheating problem has occurred, immediately pulled over. Find a safe place to pull over. Turn off the engine. Let the engine cool by itself. Do not try to force cool the engine by water. You have to find the cause of the overheating.

To fill the new radiator water, wait for the engine has cooled completely. Do not forget to check the status of the oil through the oil plugs. Typically, when the machine is turned on again, after water filled radiators, engine sound changed a bit rough. It is therefore advisable to dismantle the engine after the engine overheated. Soon your subscription to the garage to get immediate car maintenance.

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