Toshiba Thrive android tablet


This picture above is Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet. The screen in 7 inch, pixel size 1280 x 800. Memory 16GB. Processor 1 GHz Dual core with wifi. There are many other interesting features. But I think it's still too thick than other tablets.

Other features and product description you can see here. I'm not too explain too much, because there's already so much explained in full (I mean in the link I gave). Here I just write from the point of view of the design only. as if from the point of view of software and hardware, has a lot to explain it. And I think, you also have to know that most features similar to other tablets.

Above I have to say that less thin. This may happen because a lot of buttons on the side of this tablet toshiba thrive. Try to look at this picture. If it's nothing else, think about it might be to pick another color. The black color is too standard and common. This does not make me tempil different. anyway, maybe we've got a black, right? So was the reply may have and would like another color.

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