Top Tropical Vacations Spots in the World


This is the recommendation of the best sights in the tropics, Top tropical vacation spots in the world:


St.Lucia seems to have a special place in the hearts of many world celebrities. Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart go down as a regular visitor of the island located in the eastern Caribbean. as a volcanic area with some mountain that is still active, St.Lucia awarded the lush natural conditions and charming. green trees are coloring the hills of the island into a beautiful landscape that is able to enchant each scene. shades of natural exotica increasing with the presence of several waterfalls. when they travel to coastal areas, you will be greeted with beautiful beaches and sparkling rows of swaying palm trees. if you want to give a special impression at your holiday, enjoy a variety of special facilities are available in several luxury resorts in St.Lucia.


Caribbean Islands does have thousands of charms which may not be discharged if in exploration. Dominica is one of the islands in the Caribbean that has been known for its famous natural beauty and cultural richness patterns. San brother Domingo, the capital of Dominica, is a city that looks unique art deco building with a variety of distinctive architectural Spain. Pico Duarte is the background of natural landscape adds to the feel of the romance of its own in this area. If interested to uncover the charm of the Dominican owned, come in Punta Cana. The coastal section has a beautiful white sandy beach. Beauty blue sea can also be enjoyed with a variety of interesting activities, such as diving and playing jetski.


It is not wrong if the title "Emerald of the Equator" was given to Indonesia. The natural beauty and the richness of its cultural treasures indeed make Indonesia as one country that should be visited by anyone. And when looking for an attractive tourism destination, provided about 17,000 islands stretching from Sabang until Merauke. Speaking of tropical paradise, there is a unique destination that must to be visited; Raja Ampat. Located in the northern part of the island of Seram, between Papua and the Halmahera, Raja Ampat is an area that includes more than 40 million hectares of land and waters. The beauty of coastal beaches can not find anywhere else. For divers, Raja Ampat is truly a paradise. The sea is arguably the origin of all types of shellfish and tropical fish. The rich diversity of its marine bio-unparalleled in any waters. One of the other wonders of this jewel is a panoramic sun set of east. When the reddish glow of the sky enveloping calm waters of Raja Ampat and breezes provide coolness in your nape, believe me, just enjoy a beautiful moments in life.

raja ampat


Maldives has long been known as one of the dream destinations of the adventurers. It is less difficult to reach strategic and did not make the tourists feel reluctant to visit there. Random one that attracts many people to stop in the Maldives are beautiful beaches. Just imagine, a beach with white sand and clear blue waters and soothing tropical climate, does not that sound like a description of a dream state? This is a mandatory destination for divers. A variety of biological richness in the waters of the Maldives is a world of beauty that can not be missed. For those who have a hobby of fishing, offshore area of ​​Maldives is ready to satisfy the desire with its thousands of fish diversity.


When looking for a destination that offers a romantic atmosphere and at the same adventure, Madagascar is an appropriate choice. The island is located in the Indian Ocean and adjacent to the peninsula is arguably Africa is a paradise world. Madagascar has a diverse flora and fauna, and even that was never found elsewhere. Forest with hilly land texture like promises a memorable experience that you get closer to nature. Natural ecosystems with the freshness of the air make a holiday in Madagascar as a means of dense relax of everyday life. If it's still not enough, your foot step to the beach area is in the western part of Ge islands. Beaches with large waves is very suitable to be a place to surf.

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