Top 11 Best Football Player Version Ronaldinho


Ronaldinho is seen as one of the best footballers ever in history. His success brought Barcelona in the Champions League in 2006 to strengthen its position, the Brazilian men also never received the Ballon d'Or.

Top 11 Best Football Player Version Ronaldinho

Many current and former athletes players requested by the media to give anyone 11 best players according to them. This time it was Ronaldinho, who and what comments? Check this list.

Gianluigi Buffon

"A lot of very good goalkeepers in my era but Buffon was there for consistency. Most of the goalkeeper peak performance is only a few moments but different from Buffon."


"You can not be the appearance record holder in the history of Brazilian football if you are not a player who is very special. I am very happy when he can win the Champions League with Milan."

John Terry

"We (Barcelona) have met in the Champions League with Chelsea, and I can see why John Terry is still important to them. John is very hard to fight and a fantastic leader."

Paolo Maldini

"He is one of the greatest defenders in the history of the Champions League, but what is superior to him was when he brought the ball. Paolo defender but not as elegant as a midfielder."

Roberto Carlos

"All teams will reap the benefits of a free-kick and he is one of the best left-back."

Claude Makalele

"The defender feels safe if knowing Makalele in front of them, the attacker felt safe knowing he was behind them. For me, he is a defensive midfielder and the kind you never see Makalele played badly."

Frank Lampard

"I never asked to Barcelona to sign him but Frank did not want to leave Chelsea. The record tally of midfield so impressed me."


"Indeed, during at Real Madrid, Kaka is not lucky but should not be forgotten what he did in Milan."

Lionel Messi

"I've won everything, it's hard for me to regret it. The only thing you can hope for is to play with Messi longer in Barcelona. Lionel has magical feet."

Thierry Henry

"He a good friend when I was in Barcelona and we had barely played together in New York. The defender get nightmares when the deal, Henry had the skills and strong."

Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima

"He was my idol and play together at the World Cup. He the most complete strikers ever, unfortunately he never got the Champions League."

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