Top 10 most expensive Tag Heuer watches  


Tag Heuer watches are known for finishing and outstanding quality. Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, and famous for Accuracy, Tag Heuer is preferred by race car driver, because their accuracy in the race. In addition to watches, Tag Heuer also produces stopwatch timers and other equipment. ear in 1969 was the first year in which the Tag Heuer watches are made. Tag Heuer watches are watches first box is in production and is the first to use the wristwatch chronograph. These watches are made in order to respect the Monaco GP which at that time was sponsored by Tag Heuer watches. Watches Tag Heuer Monaco had not produced again in 1975. But after the company was acquired by Tag Group then around 1997 Monaco reproduced, it is due to the many fans who want a classic watches Monaco produced again. Here are the Top 10 most expensive tag heuer watches are as follows:

1. Watches Tag Heuer Calibre 17 RS Chronograph Carera

TAG Heuer Mens CAV511A.BA0902 Grand Carrera Chronograph Calibre 17 RS Watch

TAG Heuer Men's CAV511A.BA0902 Grand Carrera Chronograph Calibre 17 RS Watch

2. Watches Tag Heuer 1000 Micrometer Red Yellow

3. Mp4 Watches Tag Heuer Leather Red

4. Watches Tag Heuer Monaco Micrograp Mclaren

5. Watches Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Leather

6. Watches Tag Heuer Monaco Rainbow

7. Watches Tag Heuer Monaco Ls 12

8. Watches Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 24 Calibre 26 LS Leather

9. Watches Tag Heuer Calibre 36 Chain 24

10. Watches Tag Heuer Micrograph 2000

So that's the Top 10 most expensive tag Heuer watches which of course might be your choice for use when all formal occasions or important. Of course by using high quality watches and expensive can push your confidence when wearing it. Hope this article give you some knowledge. Read also others article about watches, top 3 most expensive Hermes watches for women.

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