Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee in the World


Coffee is one type of drink that much-loved people. When more relaxed, tired or preoccupied, sometimes some people choose to drink coffee.

Now many types of coffee that is processed into packaging, from a variety of flavors, aromas, and of course the quality varies. The better the coffee beans and processing the better the taste of the coffee as well.

However there is some coffee that may be considered when you want to buy the coffee, because coffee prices were very expensive. But although expensive, people who drink coffee will taste delicious and is a new experience. What are the most expensive coffee in the world? Here are ten of the most expensive coffee in the world.

10. Coffee Yauco Selecto AA (Puerto Rico)

Price: U.S. $ 24 per pound
Cultivated in Puerto Rico, Yauco area, this coffee has a price of U.S. $ 24 (USD 275 thousand) per pound. The taste is mild and delicious is one privilege in this coffee. This coffee can now be enjoyed by people other than those who live in Puerto Rico.

9. Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon (Gatare/Karengera, Rwanda)

Price: U.S. $ 25 per pound
Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon is basically a type of coffee bean that can be found in Gatare and Karengera, Rwanda. Starbucks introduced this coffee to other countries when a company visit a coffee washing station in Rwanda. Many farmers who chose Blue Bourbon coffee as one of their main products.

8. Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Hawaii)

Price: U.S. $ 34 per pound
Hawaiian Kona Coffee is the name for a commercial coffee cultivated and grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai, located in the South and the District of North Kona, Island of Hawaii. Having a sense of comfortable and can soothe an advantage of this coffee drinker.

7. Los Planes (Citala, El Salvador)

Price: U.S. $ 40 per pound.
Type of coffee grown in Citala, El Salvador has a good quality and good taste. In 2006 the Excellence coffee is getting a second position, the first position is occupied by El Injerto coffee.

6. Blue Mountain (Wallenford Estate, Jamaica)

Price: U.S. $ 49 per pound
Blue Mountain coffee get the name because coffee is grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The uniqueness of this coffee is a lack of bitter taste and has a mild flavor. Over the last decade, this coffee is able to improve the reputation of coffee makes this much sought after. About 80 per cent, this coffee is exported to Japan.

5. Fazenda Santa Ines (Minas Gerais, Brazil)

Price: U.S. $ 50 per pound
Origin coffee products Minas Gerais, Brazil has become one of the most expensive coffee in the world because it tastes good and sweet like caramel. Besides which makes this a very special coffee is still grown in the traditional way, there is no other process that interferes with the processing of this coffee.

4. The El Injerto (Huehuetenango, Guatemala)

Price: U.S. $ 51 per pound.
This coffee comes from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. In 2006, the coffee produced by El Injerto able to bring home a trophy of Excellence. Because of this, the coffee brand El Enjerto be very expensive coffee also has a delicious flavor.

3. St. Helena Coffee Company Island (St. Helena)

Price: U.S. $ 79 per pound
Island St. Helena is located about 1,200 kilometers from the coast of Africa is the place to find coffee St. Helena. The rising popularity of coffee thanks to Napoleon Bonaparte who praised this coffee and coffee beans sprinkled itself on the island of St. Helena.

2. Hacienda La Esmeralda (Boquete, Panama)

Price: U.S. $ 104 per pound
The coffee is only grown in Boquete, Panama. People around the world love this coffee because of its unique taste. Grown under shades of old guava tree makes this coffee has a good taste and quality.

1. Kopi Luwak (Indonesian)

Price: U.S. $ 160 per pound
We should be proud as Indonesia, because Luwak coffee from Indonesia to get the first position of the top ten most expensive coffee in the world. Beans produced from animal waste that is like eating civet coffee beans. Before production, the coffee beans have to go through the animal's digestive system. And after that, the new production can begin. Have a good taste, unique and fragrant are hallmarks of civet coffee. Not only in Indonesia, in the United States also provide civet coffee shop.

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