Top 10 countries with the most medals in the Olympics


This post is about the top 10 countries with the highest Olympic gold medal. Olympic is a symbol of unity among countries in the world of sports, the Olympics started from the Greek city of Athens in the 8th century BC. Olympics is the world's leading event, the Olympic athlete from each country compete with each other in the title. Olympic Games held every four years in certain countries believed to be the host.

In the Olympics there are 3 types of medals are gold, silver, and bronze. The gold medal awarded to the first prize, awarded to the runner-up silver and bronze awarded to third place. How proud country that athletes have won gold (woowww). I wonder which country gets the most gold medals during the Olympic history, from curiosity, I got 10 countries.

  1. The United States. Has an Olympic gold medal in as many as 894.
  2. England. Get as many as 189 Olympic gold medals to date.
  3. French. Obtain 184 gold medals.
  4. Italy. Get the 182 gold medal, the difference is only 2 medals from France.
  5. Hungary. 156 gold medals were collected by this state.
  6. German. Get as much as 147 gold medals.
  7. Sweden. The country is leading in 142 reang and get some medals along olipiade.
  8. Australia. Get as many as 117 medals, medals gained most in the sport Basketball.
  9. Japan. State known as the country of origin of this Martial Arts occupy the position 9 with a total of 114 medals.
  10. China. China is a nation state of the kung fu warriors, this country ranks tenth Olympic gold medal with a total of as many as 112.

That's for the gold medal, but for the acquisition of all medals (gold, silver, and bronze), the following is the order of 10 countries with the most medals.

  1. The United States with 2294 total medals.
  2. Germany with 851 medals.
  3. Great Britain with 715 medals.
  4. France with 637 medals.
  5. Italy with 522 medals.
  6. Sweden with 475 medals.
  7. Hungary, with 459 medals.
  8. Australia with 432 medals.
  9. China with 385 medals.
  10. Japan with a total medal tally, 360 medals.

Well, that's the top 10 countries with the most gold medals and total medals in the Olympic world. Hope can provide useful information for you. I love to do. On another occasion, I will give other interesting information. You know why I love to do it for you? yes, actually it's also useful for my own. is like making a record summary of important information, that I can see when I need it later.

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