Top 10 best beaches in new zealand


Top 10 most beautiful places in new zealand, its mean beaches in new zealand. New Zealand is an island (well, three islands: the North Island, the South Island and Stewart Island,) and, as such, there is a beach in every direction, usually quite close by. New Zealand is a country of beaches, and choosing the 'top 10' was difficult to say the least.

1) Cathedral Cove

Pretty much every New Zealand beach is beautiful, but the beauty of Cathedral Cove is on a different scale. Hidden away on the Coromandel Peninsula, accessible only by boat or a forty-five-minute bush walk, this is my favorite beach in the world. If you're coming to New Zealand, put Cathedral Cove on your to-do list.

cathedral cove

2) Koekohe Beach

This beautiful beach. Maybe, you never heard of Koekohe Beach, however you might be familiar with name of this beach, the Moeraki Boulders. The beach is located at a mysterious place. Koekohe Beach is where they are mysterious beach, the stone spheres dotted about the sand is beautifull, it's like modern art installations. Other than the boulders, I don't remember the beach being that remarkable - yeah, it was beautiful, but all New Zealand beaches are beautiful - so why have I named it as the second-best beach in the country?

3) Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui is a real resort with sunshine, shopping and an array of nice cafes and restaurants, bordered on either side by a beach and watched over by the impressive Mount. The main beach, facing out into the Bay of Plenty, is a golden surfing beach, whereas the beach on the other side, a minute's walk away at the Mount's foot, is calm, perfect for kayaking or paddling with small children.

4) Hot Water Beach

Like Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach is on the Coromandel Peninsula - you could visit both on the same trip! It's an extremely popular beach, especially with tourists, but definitely one worth going to. Why? Underneath the beach is a system of geothermally heated water that travels up through the sand, so not only is the sea nice and warm when the tide's right, if you dig yourself a hole on the beach, it fills up with warm water - that's right, you can dig your own spa pool, so make sure you take a spade!

5) Muriwai Beach

Muriwai Beach is special. An easy drive from the heart of Auckland City. Passing beautiful scenery. But, it's a place of wild, carpeted by the luxuriant, rugged beauty, and it is also interesting, velvety-soft black sand that dominates the west coast of New Zealand.

 6) Ninety Mile Beach

 In the far north of New Zealand, between Kaitaia and Cape Reinga, Ninety Mile Beach is a strong contender for the worst-named beach in the world - it's actually fifty-five miles long.

7) Bethells Beach

The beach itself is good for surfing and has plenty of features to explore - it isn't just a plain stretch of sand.

8) Kariotahi Beach

Kariotahi's on Auckland's west coast as well, so it has the volcanic sand I so love - in fact Kariotahi Beach was my first ever experience of black sand.

9) Awhitu Beach

This is a beach that is rarely mentioned is in New Zealand. Though this is a very nice beach. It is a unique beach, lots of trees is unique, and perfect for a picnic.

10) Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a brilliant beach just fifteen minutes from downtown Auckland.

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