Tips to Save Your Watches From Water


You are accidently caught in the rain and you don’t wear a raincoat, you make wet everything, including your watch or your watch slips to the water, then you need to do quick actions to make sure that your watch doesn’t get damaged. There are several tips that you could do to save your watch. The tips are intended to save watches that get wet in short time. These tips would not work if your watch is on the water for a long time. So, make sure that you take the watch out of water as soon as it slips into it and do the following tips.

First dry your watch with a clean cloth or towel and make sure that there is no water on the surface. This first step is to prevent more water leaking to the inside of the watch. Next, make sure that your watch in waterproof. If it is so, you don’t need to worry because water will go inside the watch. However, if your watch doesn’t have waterproof technology, you need to open the back shell (back cover). You should open the back cover carefully because there are tiny parts inside. Third, use the corner of a small cloth or tissue to absorb the water from the back part of the watch. Fourth, release the battery and dry it by wiping it with a clean cloth. Be careful not to touch any component parts or you will need to bring your watch to a repair man.

If you still see water inside the watch, it is better to use small vacuum cleaner. Don’t use blower because it will make your watch dirty. You should not put heat or put the watch under a direct sunlight or hot lamp because it can damage the watch itself. Vacuum cleaner is the fastest help for wet watch because it sucks the water, the dirt and even the steam from the watch and dries it instantly. When you are sure that the watch is dry enough. Put it on the table for at least an hour to make sure all water is completely evaporated and dry. Put back the battery in its place and put back the cover. Make sure that the watch is able to operate. if it doesn’t, repeat the drying step several times and replace with a new battery. If the condition remains, bring it to the watch service center for a repair.

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