Tips to Protect Skin In and Out of the Sun


protect skinTips to Protect Skin In and Out of the Sun. To stay healthy and bright, the skin needs protection from the sun. As we all know, sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) A and B, which can cause a variety of skin problems. UV B rays will be absorbed by the skin around five percent, resulting in sunburn. A UV light while the skin will absorb 90 per cent, so it will lead to premature aging, skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, dull, and wrinkled.

Everyone, especially women in Indonesia, need to consider the needs of full protection against a variety of harmful effects of UV A and B on the skin. Basically, there are several internal and external factors photoprotection (attempt to protect themselves from UV rays) that can help us to protect the skin from UV exposure.

Internal protection (of the body)

1. Genes body:

Every human being has a body color pigment called melanin, just different levels. Luckily than the European, Indonesian people have higher levels of melanin. This is evident from the Indonesian skin color darker than Europeans. Color pigment or melanin proved instrumental to inhibit skin inflammation. Indirectly, the higher the levels of melanin in the skin, the risk of skin cancer will be smaller. "But this does not mean that you should not wear sunscreen or other photoprotection," he explained.

In addition, melanin also has many functions, for example, makes us look more youthful, inhibiting free radicals, to the risk of skin cancer that is smaller than the Europeans.

Protection of external (outside the body)

1. The Physical:
To protect the skin from sunburn danger, you can use a variety of physical properties such as long underwear and sunglasses. Refuge in the shadow of a tree, thick clouds, water, umbrella, or in the shadow of the building, can also help minimize UV exposure to the skin. However, UV rays can still penetrate all the physical properties.

2. Beauty filters
The most popular way to help reduce sun exposure to the skin is to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen creams will help reduce UV exposure to the skin. The use of sunscreen should be tailored to the activities and needs of the wearer.

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