Tips to Protect Eyes From Computer Screen Damage


Nearly all office workers are now staring at a computer screen for a long time every day. There's nothing wrong with the original eye health is maintained. If not, there could be some eye disorders that will make you regret it. Consider the following points in order to protect the eyes from the negative effects of too long working in front of a computer screen.

tips to save eye

Adjust the position

Good position in determining the health of the eye. Starting from a distance, the position of the computer or laptop, to the position of the room. A common problem that occurs when a long stare at the computer screen is red and dry eyes. This happens because when working at the computer we blink less to moisturize the eyes.

Try to keep your computer or laptop with a screen slightly below eye position. This position does not make the eyes too wide open when looking at a computer screen. Give the distance between the monitor and the eye for the convenience of working. Give at least a distance of 20-30 cm staring at a computer screen for convenience.

The wall behind the monitor also plays an important role to reduce eyestrain. Avoid background or walls that are too bright or too crowded with motifs which can make it difficult to concentrate the eye on a computer screen. This makes the eyes tired because of the extra work.


All parts of the body would need time off. Likewise tired eyes staring at a computer screen working. Rub the palms of your hands until warm, then close your eyes with both hands. Let your eyes closed in the dark for at least one minute. If possible, do it in a quiet room.

20-20-20 general formula also applies to rest my eyes. Rest every 20 minutes, and then view something a distance of approximately 20 meters for 20 seconds. That way, the eye could rest from the computer screen light and view at close range.

Once in a while, massage around the eye area gently. Do the twist slowly to make the muscles around the eyes are more relaxed. Try to blink often enough in order to keep the eye moist - so as not dry and irritated.

Set comfort

Often the eyes have to work harder because the setting is not appropriate. When typing or reading, such a large set of letters that do not make eye should be narrowed. Do not let the eyes have to work extra hard because a large arrangement of letters that are not comfortable. Read or write with large letters that are not comfortable can make eyes tired, tired body position of having to get closer to the screen, and the body tense.

Try also organize workplaces with sufficient light. Working in a place that is too bright can make eye irritation. While working in places that are too dark can make eyes tired and damaged easily. Adjust your monitor light levels comfortable.

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