Tips for Android Phone Not Slow


Mobile or Android mobile phone likened to a computer in the palm. But it helps you know how to take care of so you have android phone is not slow so that applications can run optimally. Here are some tips for android phone is not slow:

Remove/Uninstall Applications

Remove unnecessary applications that do not support or productivity. Android as well as a growing number of computer applications that are installed will affect the speed of mobile working.

How to remove an application: Applications - Settings - Manage applications select the application to be removed

Clear Cache

Cache is running application activity logs. Cache if allowed to accumulate will make the RAM becomes full so the phone becomes sluggish performance.

How to clear the cache: Setting – applications - Manage Applications select the cache to be deleted

Make the Task Manager

As with computer also contained in the android phone applications like "hang". To eliminate the running applications use Task Manager Kill.


Rooting means we have the full right to gain full access to all the systems in our android phone. This means we can do the upgrade without the consent of the vendor, so we can remove some of the applications that are vendor default. But if we do the rooting means the warranty will not apply anymore.

Format Memory Card

Memory card is a data store.


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