The way our bodies process food fat


After we know the function of body fat for us, then, we must know how the body processes fat from eating that we consume. As we know, the food we eat will go into the body to be processed in the digestive system. In the processing system, foods that contain fat naturally decomposed into cholesterol, free fatty acids, triglycerides, and phospholipids.

The results of the processing of dietary fat in the form of the compounds above, and then distributed throughout the body. Distribution of the compounds was carried out to meet the body's needs. To be evenly distributed, then the cholesterol in collaboration with proteins, by forming particles, ie lipoproteins.

processing of fat in the body

Processing of fat in the body

The distribution of fat and cholesterol in the conducted through two paths, ie paths of exogenous and endogenous pathways. Following is a description, how the distribution takes place in each lane.

Exogenous pathway

Triglycerides and cholesterol produced by the body from dietary fat processing and then packaged in the form of large particles called chylomicrons. This chylomicrons in charge of carrying two of these compounds into the bloodstream. Furthermore, compounds which brought chylomicrons triglycerides will be parsed by the enzyme lipoprotein, thus becoming free fatty acids and chylomicrons remnan.

The free fatty acids will penetrate the fatty tissue under the skin and muscle cells to be converted into triglycerides again as an energy reserve. Meanwhile, chylomicrons remnan be metabolized in the liver to produce cholesterol-free.

Cholesterol into the liver, there is converted into bile acids, and there are not. Cholesterol is successfully converted into bile acids and then channeled into the intestine. This bile acid function in the absorption of fat from food.

Endogenous pathway

The liver is the organ that processes foods with high carbohydrate content into the body. Foods with high carbohydrate is processed into fatty acids that form the triglycerides. Triglycerides are to be channeled into the body in the form of very low density lipoprotein.

Then, very low density lipoprotein further metabolized into intermeida density lipoprotein. After becoming intermeida density lipoprotein, it will be processed into low-density lipoprotein (LDL), which is rich in cholesterol. LDL is channeling its cholesterol throughout the body tissues via the circulatory system, to use the body and some will be released in the blood. Cholesterol is released will bind with high density lipoprotein (HDL), which carries the excess cholesterol in the blood to the liver to be processed again.

Most people do not think about food consumed. Though the body's metabolism requires appropriate food for the body to be healthy. Metabolism is the way the body to process food into energy and the rest is stored in the fat. By understanding the process of the body process fat food, then we will know that choosing the right foods for your body is something that is important to our health.

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