The volcano Kelud Mountain erupted in Indonesia


Visiting volcanoes in Indonesia. We already know that a lot of volcanoes in Indonesia. More recently, two volcanoes have erupted. The mountain is Mount Sinabung and kelud. Radius eruption kelud reach distant places. The volcanic ash has reached a distance of 120 km. The eruption of Mount kelud to produce sparks like lightning. Here is the appearance of lightning produced by volcanic eruptions kelud.

lightening kelud eruptionSome of the photos are caught on camera capture the lightning current residents Kelud erupted in East Java. What causes lightning? It (lightning) occurs because of the temperature difference is very drastic. The eruption of hot lava, magma volcanoes it carries heat, while the surrounding environment cooler.

Kelud mountain erupted

Previously reported, a resident of Blitar managed to capture a rare moment when Kelud erupted. Even he had to record the thunder of lightning that accompanies the eruption. Alif, people living in villages Kotes, Gantusari Subdistrict, Blitar, woke up in the middle of the night because of the loud rumble heard Kelud. Without thinking, he went out of the house and immortalize the event. Location Kotes village about 30 kilometers from Kelud. As a result, there are a number of powerful moments are recorded. One of these images are jarring in the midst of lightning and the rumble of the volcanic ash Kelud. The lightning looks light gray smoke break the clot. "The sound is very loud roar accompanied by lightning once," said Alif.

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