The types of watches you should know before buy


The types of watches you should know before buying a watch and you have to know as it relates to treatment. You do not want to have a watch but can not take care of the right way, not!. Knowing the types of watches also need to know to make the right decision, and that the decision to purchase the watch correspond to the function and purpose.

These types of watches are Chronograph Watch, Automatic Watch, Analog Watch, Digital Watch, Water Reistant Watch, Quartz Watch, Quartz Watch, Sport Watch, and Luxury Watch. Here is the explanation.

Chronograph Watch

These watches are often used to measure time in a race event. Generally, watches chorongraph has three buttons on the right side. The top button is used to measure the seconds that can measure the speed of up to 1/100 sec. Then the middle button function to set the hours and minutes, the same as a regular on the watch. Meanwhile the bottom serves to stop the second was lit by the up and returns to its original position, which is at number 12.

Automatic Watch

Automatic watch is also known as self winding watch. It is a mechanical watch that does not require batteries as the energy source. Each of these watches is used, the user will turn the movement and called rotor drive components. The rotor is always spinning on an axis axis. The rotor can produce energy is channeled into a. A function to save power, so that the hour hand can still work while it is in use. Until now this watch is released, this watch will live to run out of energy and die.

Analog Watch

Analog watches are watches that have a three-needle time, namely: a long needle to day, hour hand for minutes, and a thin needle to second.

Digital Watch

Digital watch is a watch that shows time with digital numbers. Digital watches use the LCD system.

Ana-Dig watch

Digital analog watches are timepieces that have both analog and digital.

Water Resistant Watch

Water resistant watch has a certain resistance in the water. Naturally water resistant watches have certain limitations in the water. This limitation is demonstrating the depth and pressure in the water. Usually written in watches.

Quartz Watch

The watch uses a Quartz mechanism. Quartz is a type of crystal, serves as an energy source at hand. Excellence Quartz watches with technology is that it can show the time with accurate and affordable cheap price.

Sport Watch

Sport watches are watches designed for the needs of different sports. For example, diver watches designed for diving purposes, pilot watches are designed with a lot of time in many countries.

Luxury Watch

Luxury watch is exclusive watches are made with special materials and high quality, such as gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious stones. To design the outside, usually these watches using complex machine with hundreds of small spare parts. Examples of machine used is a machine tourbillon. It aims to satisfy consumers who are in middle to upper level.

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