The places to be visited besides Bali in Indonesia


Besides Bali actually many sights worth visiting in Indonesia. There are many places of natural beauty to be around bali. In Bali there are many tourist sites, there is a beach Kute, Bedugul, land Lot, and some other attractions.

If you go east, you will find an island with no less beauty of Bali, Lombok Island. There were Senggigi beach, white sand beaches, exotic and beautiful. Further east there will be an island with only one animal in the world, the Komodo. This animal is the only one in the world. Komodo does not exist anywhere else. Some say the dragon is the animal most closely related dinosaur remains. This is one of the wonders of the world. If to Bali and you do not stop at the island of Komodo, this is very unfortunate.

To the west of the island of Bali, you will find the island of Java. Island with unique cultural diversity. Here there are a lot of coffee, people called civet coffee. The most expensive coffee in the world. The coffee was maked to pass the stomach mongoose naturally. In Java there are many tourist attractions, there is the famous Ijen crater, further to the west there Yogyakarta with the ancient architecture of the city, and the friendliness of the people there.

Now that the area around Bali that can be visited in Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelagic country. there are many unspoiled beaches and affordable to visit there. Probably would need a long time to visit and get around Indonesia. This is because the field of road and transportation are still very natural. Not often you'll use a very simple vehicle to reach such a gig somewhere. or sometimes you can use a horse. How do you interested in visiting Bali Indonesia?

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