The Function of Fat in the Human Body


Function of Fat in the Human Body - The body fat that is in dire need of micro-nutrients that have an important role for the body. The body needs fat to store excess energy from food. The average human body requires daily fat approximately 15% of total energy needs.

Fat has many functions that are essential for maintaining the body to remain healthy. Important functions for the body fat will be described as follows:

The function of fat as an energy source

Fat is an energy source that produces 9 kcal in each gram. The amount is much greater than the energy produced by the protein and carbohydrates. Fat from the body comes from food intake, whether it comes from a source of carbohydrates, protein, fat and of itself. 50% fat in the body is stored in the subcutaneous tissue, 45% of fat stored in the abdominal cavity, and 5% of fat stored in the intramuscular tissue.

fat in the body

The function of fat as a source of essential fatty acids

The human body has the ability to produce its own several types of fatty acids. But there are several other types of fatty acids can not be produced by the body itself. This form of essential fatty acids. Therefore, it is important to consume enough dietary fat to meet the needs of essential fatty acids.

Fat as a carrier of vitamin

The body can not take advantage of the fat-soluble vitamins. Therefore, the body needs fat to help transport and absorption processes. In addition, fat also contains some fat-soluble vitamins. By eating enough fat, the body will gain the benefits of this fat-soluble vitamins.

Fat to save proteins

The body needs energy. Under certain conditions, the energy requirement can be quite a lot. In the diseased condition, for example, in the absence of body fat will use protein for energy needs. Whereas the protein has other important functions as regulator and help the body improve immune function. With the help of fats, proteins perform its main function as a regulator without having wasted to meet energy needs in large quantities.

Fat serves to give a sense of satiety

Fat is a nutrient that can slow gastric acid secretion, and slows gastric emptying thereby giving full effect longer. The full effect can help the body produce energy as possible.

Fat function as a lubricant in the human body

Fat serves as a lubricant to help remove waste products. If the fat in the body is disturbed, the digestion is disturbed as well.

Fat maintain body temperature

The presence of 50% fat distributed under the skin layer creates a warm nature. This is what keeps the body warm even though the condition of the body is very cold outside. With the presence of the fat, the body does not lose body heat quickly.

Fat as a protective organ in the body

The presence of 45% fat in the abdominal cavity, it makes the organs inside the abdominal cavity will be enveloped fat. Thus, the fat can protect the organs from bumps and other dangers of the outside of the body.

That is an important function of fat in the human body. Fat basically have important functions in the body. Presence of fat in the body of course is needed. Thus, the lack of fat will decrease the body's functions. However, if the excess body fat, it will also cause health problems. Therefore, in the fat body there must be appropriate to the needs of the body. Technically how fat works carrying out its functions, have been discussed in previous articles click here.

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