The Famous of Balinese Batik fabric in the World


Batik fabric from Bali in Indonesia is already very well known piece of art in the world. Balinese batik fabric is in great demand by tourists from all over the world. They use batik cloth as souvenirs, which indicates that they have been to Bali. Bali batik fabric is made traditionally and become the world's cultural heritage. It is a remarkable thing, truly extraordinary.

Special features or characteristic of Balinese batik fabrics

Bali batik fabric is generally created manually and traditional. Balinese culture of high artistic value. Their expertise in carving in wood, background painting their artwork on a batik fabric. Then they use batik fabrics for use in worship or daily activities. Generally Bali fabric makers more freedom in making batik motifs of batik in Indonesia, such as Javanese batik. They can be made ​​out of batik motifs common and fundamental. This makes the work of the Balinese batik can follow the tastes of the world market, but still has a high artistic value. At first only a Balinese batik fabric motifs of plants, but growing bolder motives to animals, such as crane, dragon, turtle, and deer. And now, the motif continues to evolve toward abstract motifs, such as clouds, and other modern forms.

How to make a Balinese batik fabric

The process begins when the entire pattern making materials, especially fabric, have been prepared. Making motifs used by the wax used as a main ingredient or night color constraints. If you want to make batik motifs used in the manufacture of tools while the use of batik canting batik that has been designed according to the desired motif.

The process continued with fabric dye. The trick, which has drawn fabric dipped in a bucket of dye. This process seems simple, but is actually quite difficult, especially if you want more than two-color batik. Many batik still using natural dyes made ​​of certain natural materials, but many others use synthetic dyes.

After dyeing fabric to flatten, batik making process followed by "nglorot malam", or wax dissolving attached to the fabric. Initially, first prepare the boiling water mixed with soda ash and finally dipping fabric until all the wax is water soluble. When the candle has not been dissolved, it must be cleaned first post "Pelorotan".

The final phase is washed. When using natural dyes, can not use laundry detergent as it will damage the color. After washing, fabric is dried with aerated so that the color does not fade. Once it is dried you can see the difference batik dyed with natural dyes, the color will usually be dull.

Examples of Bali batik fabric motifs

And here are some examples of Balinese motif frequently encountered. Some are dominant bright colors unlike most Javanese batik.

batik fabric bali flower

batik fabric bali bird

balinese batik fabric dragon

balinese batik fabrik

Bali batik fabric Price

Balinese batik cloth can vary. It depends on the level of complexity and difficulty motifs and drawings. Typically, the price of batik cloth can be in the range of 20 U.S. dollars to hundreds of dollars U.S.. For more extensive information Balinese batik fabric prices, please contact us.

How to buy a Bali batik fabrics with special prices?

To buy Balinese batik fabric with a special price, you can contact us. We help you find batik craftsmen who actually qualified and recommended.

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