The Exotic Silk Batik Fabrics


Batik is one of the famous ethnic crafts in the world. Many countries have batik craft with their own types, but the most famous batik is Indonesian Batik. Indonesian batik has unique types that favored by people in the world. Batik didn’t found in Indonesia only, but also in the Middle East, Central Asia, Japan, and China.

Design of batik is gotten from the wax that applicated on a figure designed fabric. This technic has been found from over 2000 years ago. Many figures decorate the batik fabrics, such as plants, birds, cloud and sea. In Indonesia, every figure and motives has certainly means. Almost of the means are good hope for the batik wearers. That is the reason why the Indonesian batiks are used in sacred ceremonies of Indonesian. Technique of batik developes into many techniques of printed, if hundred years ago handprinted is the only way to produce batik, now wax block form technique and computerization techniques is developed.

silk batik fabrics

Batik can be made from many types of fabrics, such as cotton, paris, and silk. Cotton batik fabrics are easy to find and cheap. Cotton batik is pleasant because the fabric absorbs sweat well.  Silk batik fabrics is more pleasant batik craft that famous and favored by people. Silk batik fabrics has more charm which  interesting for the admirer. Silk batik is more comfortable to wear because the fabric is very soft and shiny. So,the silk fabric looked very glamour to wear by female even male, by the young or old one.

Every body knows that silk batik is more expensive than the cotton batik or paris batik. It reasonable because silk batik needs special treatment in production process. The character of silk which absorb the wax well, can be a problem in production process, so the fabric has to be heated on boiled water with very high temperature.

Now, silk batik fabrics is favored more to be sewed as suites or dresses. Although the silk batik  is good in quality, it doesn’t mean that silk batik can use improperly. The wearer has to care the silk batik carefully. The some ways which can be done by the wearer to care the silk batik are wash the it separately, wash it in cool and salty water, and then hang it to dry.

Indonesian batik inspires another countries to printed motives of fabrics, even it is looked like Indonesian Batik. The Indonesian batik industries has to be ready to face the rivalries of the countries.

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