The benefits of drinking green tea, one to burn fat


Wonders will not appear after you eat a meal or just a slimming drug. But there are many indications that green tea brings a number of benefits for those of you who are trying to lose weight by burning body fat.

Camelia Sinensis is a native plant of green tea. Camelia Sinensis plant is the same as the origin of the traditional black tea. Green tea production process is done by steaming fresh leaves at high temperature. This process is carried out with the aim of leaving an important part of the nutrients and enzymes remain in the tea. Meanwhile, the production of black tea using the dried leaves and through the process of fermentation.

Three cups a day or more is the amount of green tea consumption society in Asian countries. One to two teaspoons of dried tea brewed using a cup of boiling water, and soaked for 3 to 15 minutes. Lately, we can find green tea extract is available in capsule form. Usually sold in pharmacies and shopping centers.

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In some countries, like Indonesia, tea is one of the drinks that are served to guests who come to her house. There are several types of tea that can be found, for example, black tea, green tea, and some other types of tea. One of which has a high benefit is green tea.

Besides having a delicious taste, green tea is also famous for having many properties that serves to maintain a healthy body. People in some countries, such as Indonesia, Japan, and China, and some other countries, often drink green tea because green tea has a flavor that is suitable to be drunk in any atmosphere.

A study showed that the thermogenic properties of green tea can help burn fat. However, if you are obese and do not change anything in your life, especially eating, drinking green tea can not lose your weight in an instant. Green tea is not only known for the prevention of cancer, but also can improve the body's metabolism.

Consuming green tea three times a day can increase metabolism by about 4 percent. In addition, consuming green tea helps burn calories about 60 calories per day, which is equivalent to 3 kg per year. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, there are many other benefits you should be aware of green tea consumption.

Drinking green tea to maintain healthy skin

Green tea can serve to maintain healthy skin naturally. That is because green tea can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays sting. Thus, indirectly, often consuming green tea can make you avoid skin cancer. In addition to preventing skin cancer, green tea is also proven to make your skin no wrinkles.

Green tea prevents baldness

Baldness is generally caused by a continuous hair loss, which is due to the roots or stems less healthy hair. Green tea acts to avoid the risk of baldness because the substances contained in green tea can make your hair grow and regenerate.

Green tea to clear acne

Acne is caused by dirt or oil that sticks to the skin making the skin pores closed. Dirt and oil that sticks to the skin pores can be cleaned by consuming green tea regularly. In green tea contains antioxidants that can keep your skin.

Green tea prevents diabetes

Green tea has the ability to regulate the content of sugar in the blood. For people with diabetes, it is advisable to frequently consume green tea.

Green tea can slow the growth of cancer cells

Green tea contains powerful antioxidants such as catechins, which protects cells and DNA from free radical damage. Cancer can not grow if antioxidants in your body running normally.

Green tea is beneficial in weight loss

Green tea contains antioxidants that are very high. This helps increase fat burning in the body. Green tea is proven to reduce the absorption of fat in the body, so it automatically decreases the amount of body fat. In addition, green tea, there are also Ketekin Polyphenols that cause fat burning intensity to rise.

Making good green tea to lose fat is to brew green tea with hot water, then cooled. Should be taken before eating. As such, green tea will help keep fat intake. Green tea can also be taken before exercise, because it would expose the fat under the skin will be faster.

To consume green tea, do not drink green tea when the stomach is empty. Because it can increase the production of acid in the stomach. Minimize also drink green tea mixed with sugar. Sugar can cause substances contained in tea is reduced.

In addition to the above benefits (read also about water benefit for fat burning), green tea is also believed to reduce the risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure, help lower the bad cholesterol levels, and increase mental stability due to its caffeine content contained therein.

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