Tank tops and views of Islam against the outfit 3


Using a tank top dress is a fashion and fashion trends (see all of best tank top). Around the world, a tank top is a popular clothing. Using this outfit most people consider sexy and beautiful. Others considered fashionable and keep up with trends. And you should know, is also a clothing tank top for men. So the tank top can also be used not only woman.

As with the other clothes, a dress is suitable for use if it is consistent with the conditions and environment users. Does not it? This applies also to the tank top. It should match the place. In terms of weather conditions, climate, or social conditions of people around the tank top. In the winter it was not suitable for use outdoors tank top, especially if you are in a country with cold temperatures are extreme.

Similarly to adapt to the environmental conditions surrounding communities. You should be able to put yourself around with. In keeping with the title of this article, how the views of Islam on tank top. In general, for Islam, the clothes are covering what is called by the people of Islam as a "aurat". Aurat is the body that must be covered. and is different for men and women. For women, the body that must be covered is the entire body except the face and the hands and feet. As for the men, who had covered a part of the body between the navel abdomen down to the knee.

So, in fact, as long as the closing part of the body, the people of Islam do not see a problem in the tank top. If we look, tank top, in the view of Islam should not be used by men, because it is not against the rules, which cover the body between the navel and the knees.

As for the women, in plain view of Islam, meaning users do not close the tank top part of the body they are supposed to cover. So, in plain view of Islam, the use of tank tops that do not cover their limbs are not allowed.

In spite of it all, we are just providing information to those of you who are looking for general information about the Islamic view of the tank top. Does not mean anything. All up to you.

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