Splashy Birthday Greetings To Liam. Who is Liam?


Liam James Payne was born in Wolverhampton , West Midlands , England , August 29, 1993 . He is a British singer and member of the boy band One Direction .

Father and mother named Karen and Geoff . He has two older sisters , namely Ruth and Nicola . Since the age of four years , Liam must undergo routine tests at the hospital because one of his kidneys are not functioning , which caused him to be received 32 injections every day though at the time he was a child .

On school days , Liam loved sports and sports teams to join in school . He later received in a team sprint Cross Country Running. Since then , he practiced all the time and wake up at 6 am to run. He also participated in the training for boxing at the age of 12 years , he was never bullied in school and he thought , he must have something to defend himself.

Liam is a student at City of Wolverhampton College majoring in music technology . Liam is a man whose anti- alcoholic beverages . The most important in life is a healthy life at all times . Before attending the X Factor , Liam never appeared in front of 26,000 spectators at a football match Wolverhampton Wanderers team .

Liam never auditioned for X - Factor season 5 when she was 14 years old . At that time , Simon Cowell said that Liam is not ready to compete and asked him to come back in two years .

Two years later , he came back and got away . Liam is a fan of Justin Timberlake . According to him , Timberlake was the biggest influence in his musical career . His appearance on stage was also inspired by one of the members of Take That , Gary Barlow .

Currently , Liam in a relationship with a dancer named Danielle Peazer . They met on the show X Factor in 2010 and started dating since then itu.Karena relationship with Liam , Danielle Peazer who is Jessie J 's dancers had received death threats and other forms of intimidation Liam fans on Twitter .

Liam Payne

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