Sophisticated watches James Bond 007 Spoken Practice Sold


A Rolex watches worn by Roger Moore in the James Bond films: Live and Let Die sold for 180,000 Swiss francs or almost USD 1.8 billion. In the auction house Christie's auction held in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday (14/11/2011), watches it expected to sell 200,000 to 400,000 Swiss francs. In fact, the winning bidder an unnamed managed to get the watch at a lower price. When coupled with other costs, the total price to be paid by the winning bidder is 219,000 Swiss francs.

Director of special watches at Christie's auction house, Aurel Bacs, said Rolex "Submariner" was specifically modified by an expert watches, Syd Cain. In the Bond films were produced in 1973, the clock is equipped with a small saw used to cut the rope 007 as rescue Solitaire (played by Jane Seymour) from the threat of hungry sharks. It is also claimed that the magnetic field on the watch can be used to deflect bullets. The magnetic field is also used to open the zipper dress opposite Bond.

Actually there are many watches that are used in the legendary series james bond movie. one of which is Omega quantum solace like the picture above. Indeed, films like james bond is a medium to improve some of the advanced product made in large factories tententu. Perhaps it is one of the marketing strategy. And incredibly, it worked. The tools they are worn in the movie james bond would sell pretty well, ranging from the game, the game, a toy, watches, shirts, and various unique and advanced product to another. outstanding.

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