The Smallest Computer in The World


This is the smallest computer in the world. Measuring only 1 mm. Hopefully this information is useful.

smallest computer

The world's smallest computer the size of a millimeter is created by software companies Boffins in the United States.

This mini super computer composed of ultra low-power microprocessor, a pressure sensor, memory, and thin film batteries. The computer is also equipped with a solar cell power and wireless antenna to transmit data to an external reader.

Solar power requires 1.5 hours of sunlight or indoor light 10 hours to reach full power.

This super-mini computers into the first computer that has a complete system of millimeter scale. Currently the computer systems used in medical applications.

This computer is focused on pressure monitor implanted in the eye to track the spread of glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease.

Maybe one day computer technology can be used to track pollution, monitor structural integrity, perform surveillance as well, or make any object can be tracked.

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