Skin Care and Lip Care recommended


Elizabeth Arden Honey Drops Body Cream 400 ml - Whiten the skin retain moisture. Not sticky when used on the skin. Body cream which is comfortable to wear all day serves to moisturize the skin and is suitable especially in the winter. How to use easily? Enough body cream rubbed all over the body after bathing. Use every day for maximum results! Like  this picture of this product. If you are interested, you can visit the shops around you, or in the online stores that sell a lot of these products. Good  luck.

Elizabeth Arden Honey Drops Body Cream 400 mL - Memutihkan dan menjaga kelembaban kulit

And next, this product is to redden the lips. Many have been using this product. This product comes from Asia, seemed to come from Korea. Shills Diamond Lip Balm - Lip rouge and moisturize is a special formulation to solve a variety of problems such as the lips chapped lips, dry lips dehydrated, flaky, dull lips, and allergies. Wild berry main are ingredient of natural and nutrient rich oilsexcellent in restoring moisture lip lips and treat the problem. Lips will return naturally moist and silky smooth. Shea butter and wheat oils contained in it will maintain and improve the health of the lips with nutrients vitamin C which makes lip skin will look brighter. Shills diamond lip balm also contains camellia oil and macadamia oil rich land sometimes with vitamins E and is rich in fatty acids. Also contains anti-oxidants which serves to soften the lips and prevents lip color changes caused by lipstick.

Shills Diamond Lip Balm - Pemerah dan Pelambab Bibir

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