Secret to being a top sales performer


top salesWhat is the secret to being a top sales performer? Top sales performers consistently do the right things more often that their lower performing peers.

The Salesperson Inside

Ultimately, the answer lies within the salesperson. Besides having the basic sales knowledge and skills, top performing sales people tend to share seven traits or personal attributes that greatly contribute to their success.


Top performing of sales people have exude a sense of belief in themselves, their product, their company, and also the actions they recommend to their customers.

High self-esteem

Top performing sales people realize that they must first sell themselves.


Most salespeople are goal-oriented. What top performing salespeople have that makes them unique is a personal sense of purpose. Unfortunately, many salespeople approach goal setting as an event, not a process.

Priority Sense

This is so important. Top performing all of salespeople know that the key to success isn't only doing things right, but in doing the right things. Top performing salespeople make it a habit not to "major in the minors." Top performing salespeople use their ability to set priorities to keep them focused on doing things that are important and contribute to their success.

A Passion to Succeed, Balanced by a Genuine Fear of Failure

Top performing salespeople have an insatiable desire or passion to succeed. Many people share this passion, yet aren't as consistently successful as the top performing salesperson. That's because the top performing salesperson's passion is balanced by a genuine fear of failure. Top performing salespeople find fear of failure as a mobilizing force. Top performing salespeople view possible failure as a challenge to raise their personal standards to a higher level.

Perhaps this is why top performing salespeople are never fully satisfied. When others are ready to quit, top performing salespeople use their passion to succeed and fear of failure to find a way to succeed.


Top performing salespeople have the unique ability to look at themselves objectively. Top performers understand the casual relationship between their behavior and results. Successful salespeople are typically their own toughest critics. A coaching box refers to the box seat coaches occupy during football games. Going to their "coaching box" and using their self-sense allows top performing salespeople to use each call as an opportunity to learn and discover how to improve.

Possibility Thinking

Top performing salespeople approach problems and obstacles differently than other salespeople. Top performing salespeople commit to fully developing their potential and becoming successful. Then take the action needed to succeed.

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