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Do you want to know about Samsung galaxy S6 full specification and price? Here the information. We know Samsung as one of the three best-selling smartphone manufacturer in 2015 with android gadgets as flagship, behind it all the many projects they are working on the development of technology for the future of a more sophisticated one is Galaxy S6. There have been many rumors about the leaked specs and appearance of the latest Samsung. The phone is rumored to be present with the best technology in the family S series to accompany the emergence of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which is curved screen smartphone to be sold in 2015. S6 sales target share price premium to be calculated is not cheap. Curious want to know at what price and how specifications therein?. Here we summarize the info for you.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumored to be carrying a thin body made of aluminum with a plastic casing cover. Screen section will wear a larger size precisely 5.5 inches with a flexible screen technology In Plane Swictching Ultra AMOLED, if the previous generation rely spans Full HD resolution, another story with the Galaxy S6 are likely to be published wearing 4K resolution screen, plus density picture above their latest products at this time that the Galaxy Note 4.

samsung galaxy s6 price and review specification

Samsung S series comes the sixth generation was confirmed using the latest operating system Google Android 5.0 or Android Lollipop with a more complete navigation. There is no certainty how the caliber of the camera to be mounted on the Samsung Galaxy S6, but according to one fairly reliable review sites say that Samsung champ is partnered by 2015 it will be the main camera 21 Mp sensor reinforced auto focus, LED flash and front section is also fitted with a secondary camera 5 mp highly qualified sensors used for selfies or video call.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is also rumored to be bearing the latest from QualComn Snapdragon chipset, which is 810 64-bit version, with power 2,7Ghz Octa Core processor speed, sophistication, complete with a capacity of 4GB of RAM which makes it one of the most respected competitors in the share of smartphone sales in 2015 . further information comes from the data storage sector, available on option 32/64 / 128GB, but we do not know the whether the phone is there an external slot or not. 2015 as will be competition for LTE 4G phone in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S6 become one of the most awaited phones in 2015 than the iPhone 6S, Sony Xperia Z4, which certainly do not want to lose competitiveness. S6 connectivity features include LTE 4G data connection comes wifi, GPS and data transmission rely on bluetooth v4.1, microUSB v2, NFC. Last we can convey to the reader about the leaked specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is flexible kite Samsung phones it is planned to use a Li-ion battery capacity of 4000 mAh power.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is not cheap and impressed targeting users with business needs. Maybe the price will vary in each country. You can find price information on where you purchase your subscription gedget. Happy hunting phonsel your mainstay. read also previous article about how to whiten teeth quicly. Thank you for reading this blog. Share if you want to share with your friends.

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