Safe and comfort for rider behind


The technical term of behind comforters is the familiar for rider. Sit for long time at bicycle seat maybe can make a stiff in your behind. Safe and comfort so used for reducing the numb. These is the most popular and best safe and comforter for bicycle's rider below:

Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle

This is the balsam mint of sensation. This is the perfect product safe & comfort. For the review, this chamois butt's eurostyle is five star or very good. This balsam cream is lubricated in behind that have contact with padding pants. This cream have mint sensation and cooling a surface of skin. the chamois so purpose reduce chafed because soaked with sweat.

Seat Saver cosmetic nutrition

this product more similar to cosmetic than riding equipment. Hammer nutrition seat saver is maked by zait extract oil, shea butter, camomile, and calendula for reducing a bruised, itch, and numb sensation. And pepermint extract and tea tree oils used for increasing dry sensation. This seat saver cosmetic nutrition give comfortable and nutrition for behind rider.

Slickskin Spray Aerosol

Slickskin spray on chamois cream maybe become ideal product carried for riding. This is combination product with aerosol 115 gram. The function is very ideal for reduce tired of behind what sit too long in seat bicycle. it can be syringed without spreading hand to sensitive areas. It's not adhering and make it delighted.

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