Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart in Kissing as Hot Topics


Some of today's crowded talk about Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart. Search by keyword they both have surge during the last 7 days. Right, I will sharing both, Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart. May deign.

Rupert Sanders
Rupert Sanders with long name Rupert Miles Sanders was born in Westminster, London at January 15, 1971. He is an english director of adverts, feature films, and short films. He has two sons, Thalia (nee Garlick) and Michael Sanders. Rupert Sanders has directed numerous television advertisements. He won two golden lions with Halo 3 ODST, at the Cannes lions International advertising festival. The first feature film by Sunders is Snow white and the Huntsman. This movies was released in US at early June 2012. This the amazing films in it's budget, $170 milion. At the opening day in US, the film was earned $20.3 million. Totally at date, this movies has $381,132,916 at the box office.

Kristen Stewart
And about Kristen Stewart, her long name Kristen Jaymes Stewart. She was born at April 9, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. She is an american actrees as famous with playing as Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has starred in other movies, like Panic room, In the land of women, Zathura, The messengers, The runaways, Adventureland, and snow white and the huntsman with Rupert Sanders as director.

Stewart have being the winner and get some Award. In 2002, get Young artist Award, so in 2003, 2004, and 2007. And many more awards she has received. At the last award in 2012, she was be the winner at teen choice award category, with the snow white and the huntsman movie.

Hot news about Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart
Sander kissing Stewart. Outstanding photo and media make a lot of people think they do a love affair. But Kristen Stewart and her team has dismissed the notion and said that they were just kissing and no sex.

For the photographs circulate it, Stewart apologized to her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, that usually are rare. Stewart dismissed the notion that Kristen Stewart has been dating with her new film director's, Rupert Sanders.

Sanders himself said an apology to his wife for being unfaithful. A remarkable thing, which is indirectly admitted that the moment that Sanders and Stewart had an affair. Sanders said that it was very short, and anything can happen when working together in a long time with someone who is very pretty women like Stewart.

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