Rumors about Specifications of iPhone 6 with a jumbo screen


It seems that the presence of the iPhone 6 rumors with a jumbo screen instead of a figment, due to a number of reports in the news as of Theinquirer, Monday (05/05/2014), the iPhone 6 will be launched at proclaim the month of September 2014, the same as launching the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were also launched in September last year.

Just like the iPhone 5S, in the estimate of the iPhone 6 will also carry the fingerprint sensor as a flagship feature, this feature is certainly very in Apple Fanboy forward around the world, especially the iPhone 6 will also bring a new type screen with 2 different size is 4.7 inch and the size of the 5.5 inch.

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Even the design of the iPhone 6 have circulated on youtube and uploaded by ConceptsiPhone, in the video that the iPhone 6 already known to use a design much different from previous versions, with the size of the screen and a thinner design than the iPhone 5S, the phone also has a volume knob and button positions different power, there is also a speaker on the bottom of the iPhone 6.

IPhone 6 screen later owned a product from Sharp's, the Japanese manufacturer is already familiar to Apple because it also supplies the manufacturing of the iPad screen for IGOS Water. Even proclaim owned an iPhone 6 screen with size 5.5 inches already using flexible screen like that of the LG G Flex.

Jumbo-sized screen trend is being popular today, and of course Apple does not want to lose maker Android Smartphone vendors are so-powerful master the smartphone market, with a large screen mobile phone. Previous iPhone screen measuring 4 inches, it feels very small, especially consumers many are turning to using a jumbo-sized screen that they claim is more comfortable when used to enjoy various multimedia content.

Price still own the iPhone 6 is still unknown, however, in predicting the iPhone 6 will be the third in the production of different versions of the internal memory of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with prices starting at 549 pounds to 709 pounds. The price of the iPhone 6 will certainly be more expensive than the price of the iPhone 5S because the iPhone 6 is expected to bring more innovation and more qualified specifications.

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