Review: Michael Kors Watches Lexington (Gold)


Another masterpiece from the renowned fashion designer, Michael Kors, the Lexington watch release is keeping its reputation as one of the most best-selling product from Michael Kors fashion and design collections. The iconic simplistic, crisp, runaway beauty is its charm.

The tint of golden along with the touch of champagne dial-set on a stainless steel plated steel case, will deliver you with a overwhelming sense of rugged, yet not so much masculine as it is also good on the go for women, and versatile for every occasion and will never go out of styles and sass. The classic gold-tone finish is a perfect additional embellishment for otherwise a good quality watch with good endurance to top it all.

It is a perfect unisex watch that is not too heavy or too light, and neither too big nor too small; it’s just in the most perfect size. The fold-over clasp which is embodied with a double push button safety will ensure to keep the watch wrapped and securely placed on your wrist comfortably. Expect nothing but endless compliments as you wear it for dancing, working, going shopping, anything! It is perfect on every occasion. It is fashionable, beautiful, but of course, functional to the finest. And you don’t have to worry about it being too conspicuous to your liking; it is capable of being eye-catching without having to resort to over-conspicuousness.

Whether as a gift for your significant others or for yourself, this product will always be one of the best options available. Compared to its sister watch, the Camille-silver-type watch, it is slightly bigger in size and heavier in weight, but will not be too much of a turn off, I assure you. Even though it is a little bit blurry on the face of the upper right side, it won’t be too much of a bother. This sleek, elegant, classic, and beautiful watch will just be perfectly gorgeous and more importantly in perfect order as you wear it, I can assure you.

There are more reasons to buy this product since it is complemented with a practical and sophisticated looking chronograph protected by hardened minerals as its protecting materials. Meaning, it is great in terms of endurance and power. The movement is powered with a precise Japanese Quartz that will never miss a beat in telling you the time and keeping your awareness of time in check. Water-resistant capacity reaches up till 100 meter of depth, and you know what’s best of the best? It’s looking very much like Rolex that at a first glance, many common eyes of onlookers will shocked and as they pat you on the back and says, “Wow, nice Rolex you got there!”

I give this watch 5 out of 5 stars. It is much recommended. But it can get a little bit over too pricey or comes off a little bit too expensive to many people’s liking, sometimes. But you know how it works in this world; beautiful piece is both a beautiful price. Start saving up, I highly recommend it.

Michael Kors Watches Lexington (Gold)

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