Review: Michael Kors Watches Camille (Silver)


The iconic sportswear designer Michael Kors comes up again with another yet beautiful product in forms of a very classy and fabulous watch: Michael Kors Watches Camile (Silver). The silver glint of both of its band and its every detail is what gives this watch so much fabulousness and overwhelming sass. Designed carefully and intricately for women, this watch capture all of the gorgeousness and eye-catching appeals that many women so fond of.

Great every time in every occasion, this watch can go with a variety range of clothing. Whether it is mix-and-matched with a frilly dress or if you go for a sportier or casual one, this watch will still be a perfect match to adorn your own beauty and appearance. This Michael Kors master piece features a white, pearlized dial set on a polished stainless steel case. And it goes with a shiny, matching link bracelet that completes the wholesome beauty. But not so much to a ladylike beauty as it has Roman numeral dial that supports the tomboy and sporty kind of appeals also. Whether you worn it stand alone or with another bangles or cute bracelet, it will go just fabulously all the same.

The features of the watch include an analogue display, chronograph, and movement powered by the precise and long lasting Swiss Quartz which prominent in its endurance. The fold over clasp with single push button safety will allow you much better access to take it off and worn it again so easily at any given time, and rest assured as it is also capable of keeping the placement of the watch comfortably and securely. The dial window material is consisted of mineral and the band material is made from stainless steel. As it is also coated in glint of silvers, this watch will shine in all glories and at its very pinnacle of finest.

The product has received many compliments and positive reviews from many satisfied consumers, including me, as I buy it for myself for my 20th birthday. The watch is simply wonderful, the uniqueness, the elegance, the sheer sophistication as you see your own reflection reflected on glint of silver, is just perfect. The color too is quite iridescent under many glows of light and shine, it is truly breathtakingly beautiful.

But personally, I think it is too big and many will probably find it overpowering and oversized in their hands. It’s not really a big deal, though, even if it gets loose or it feels weird to be worn out sometimes, I can adjust it just by over time and it will be just great! A little bit of dissatisfaction probably will also because of the water resistant depth, as when compared to its sister product, the golden Lexington, is a little bit inferior. This Camille silver-type only reaches the deepest water resistance up until 50 meters deep at most. While the Golden Lexington can reaches twice than that. It’s not really that important, though. As long as you’re just being careful when using this watch, then everything will be okay. Get the watch now at its best deal in cheapest price only at Out of 5 stars, I give 5, no question about that. Do recommend!.

Michael Kors Watches Camille (Silver)

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