Review: Michael Kors MK5145 Women’s Two Tone Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph White Dial Watch

With a simple, but elegant white as one of its main appeals, many women will find this particular product from the prominent, on the cutting edge brand of one of the most renowned designer Michael Kors, appealing. The Michael Kors White Runway Watch provides you with a crisp, simplistic white style that is the most ideal and perfect for springtime. With stainless steel bracelet-like band that has a fold over clasp to hold and lock the gold-toned stainless case in place, it will never fail to give you a chic and fabulous appearance. The stainless steel case’s measure is 14mm thick and 32mm wide.

On a side note, the bracelet-band is coated with polyurethane white, with the same colored, matching dial and gold-toned numeric hour markers to adorn it up a notch. Luminously dazzling hands contrasted to each other as if to make the ‘light’ impression as part of its overall elegance. The gorgeous aspect of this product also includes a somewhat mesmerizing 3D effect because of the four recessed chronographs and the date windows along with just the right distance from the inside up until the surface of the watch. As expected from one of the very famous fashion brands in the fashion history, the gorgeousness of its appearance is out of question. Truly, it is another masterpiece for every woman out there.

The features of the watch also include the chronograph function which is to measure up to sixty minutes of activity in second’s additions. The date of each day also has its own, neat display at the direction of the fifth hour. It is also easy to use and easy to take off, as its link bracelet features a push button-clasp. And with its durable Quartz movement protected with a scratch resistance mineral crystal, this watch can take a few knocks or scratch just fine without missing any beat. And also, it is water-resistant capable of withstanding water pressure up until 330 feet, which is equal to about 100 meters deep.

Many says that the look is lovely, and the gold accents that comes along with it is done just perfectly as it isn’t too shiny to make it look like some cheap junk. It is classy in appearance and good in functionality. But like any other Michael Kors products, this product is so lacking in the color-endurance department. The material is awfully porous that the color of it is so easily distained when it comes into contact with any other foreign materials. Moreover, if you are looking for a more inconspicuous and small watch, then this isn’t a choice for you, as the thickness of its watch face is ½. I wouldn’t recommend this watch for an everyday-usage but I still recommend this watch to be worn out in special occasions and as a part of style. I give this watch 3 out of 5 stars. Do recommend for those who crave for a more lady-like and chic, stylish elegant appearance.

Kors MK5145 Women's

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