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Mangosteen fruit is the fruit of a unique and rich benefits. He is the only fruit that can not decompose even after long lying on the ground. This is due to the high content of antioxidants in the mangosteen fruit, especially the skin. The fruit mangosteen is a tropical fruit. This fruit is in many regions or countries with tropical climates, such as Indonesia. In his home country, Indonesia, the mangosteen fruit is often referred to as the queen of fruits. Juxtaposed with the king of fruit, Durian. Equally a tropical fruit. Mangosteen fruit benefits save a lot because of the high content of antioxidants.

mangosteen fruitThe benefits of the mangosteen fruit is a high source of antioxidants. Mangosteen fruit can treat some of these diseases, namely Preventing Deadly Disease, reduce Weight, Eliminate Pain, prevent heart disease, fight free radicals, reduce high blood pressure, keep Urethral, and others. And most dominant, mangosteen can cure and prevent cancer. Now, it has been being done endless research on the properties of the mangosteen fruit against cancer diseases. While the research results, the extract contained in the mangosteen fruit can prevent the growth of cells in patients with leukemia, restrain the rate of cell growth in lung cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer.

High antioxidant content in the mangosteen fruit, mangosteen skin especially, make some sort of resistance to the cancer cells. Levels of antioxidants in mangosteen higher than the levels of antioxidants in vitamins C and E. Inhibited tumor cells, inhibits the growth of bacteria, inhibit the development of virus, and anti-inflammatory. In a study in Thailand, mangosteen peel contains alpha-mangostin. Chemicals can be kemopreventive to prevent the spread of cancer cells. Not only breast cancer, chemicals that can also fight cancer cells in the colon and blood or leukemia. The workings of the chemical substances alpha-mangosteen is unique. The study describes alpha-mangostin is apoptosis. That is, chemicals that can activate the cell metokondria section. So that the parts can be more actively kill cancer cells. As a result, the cancer cells 'commit suicide'. When you are diagnosed with cancer, even later stage, mangosteen peel can be used as a support to maximize treatment of a doctor. The problem, usually the sufferer usually loses the spirit to heal. So they need to receive psychological therapy, in addition to treatment, to restore the spirit.

To obtain the benefits and efficacy of the mangosteen fruit, the fruit is done processing. Mangosteen fruit can be made as mangosteen fruit juice. Mangosteen rind can also be used as flour mangosteen peel. Remember, the highest part of the content of antioxidants are in the peel. Extracts of mangosteen juice and mangosteen peel flour is a common way to process the mangosteen fruit. Processing of the mangosteen fruit is still ongoing research to further improve the functioning of the mangosteen fruit in overcoming cancer. Looks like this will be more interesting in the future. May be many models of processing that can be done from the mangosteen fruit.

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Along with the need for and reveal the benefits of the mangosteen fruit, the fruit will be in demand. And unfortunately, this fruit can only grow in tropical areas. At this time, in Indonesia have started a lot of local drug manufacturers began using the mangosteen fruit. They cultivate mangosteen fruit into juice and flour. In Indonesia, the mangosteen fruit is still quite cheap. Price per kg was not until the two U.S. dollars only, even cheaper at harvest time. This month is the harvest season. In the mangosteen fruit growers, priced under just $ 1. Our estimates, with the increasing number of processing the mangosteen fruit, the price will go up later.

mangosteen treeThus the article about the mangosteen fruit, mangosteen fruit benefits, and mangosteen fruit producing area. Thank you for reading this article. If you need more accurate information about the mangosteen fruit producer, you can contact us through our email, or call contact us at +62856-0820-2007. Incidentally, a lot of the mangosteen fruit that are in our area.

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