The problems cause overheating in your car engine


When the engine overheated in a traffic jam. When congestion occurs extraordinary, easy engine to overheat? when the AC is on, so the temperature rises, and the tooth becomes difficult to move. However, when the road smoothly, the engine did not experience overheating. The next question is, how to tune up the car so that the engine remains stable? Why when you turn on the car in the morning, the engine vibrates a bit harsh? and if replaced new oil, the engine will be fine again.

In this case, there may be some things that need to be considered and can be done. The first, the radiator cooling system needs to be drained. It is also recommended to use a radiator flush. Looks like it's too much going on sewage sludge throughout the cooling system, including the radiator and thermostat. If you want to work on their own, really pay attention to the instructions on the packaging the use of radiator flush, because at the end of the process, we need to be really sure, that the cleaning fluid has been absolutely nothing left. Should also clean up the thermostat. It is feared because it might be when flushing, a lot of dirt that was stuck on this part. If this happens, then the problem of rising temperatures in the engine when traffic jam can not be overcome. Do not forget to add water to keep the coolant boiling point of water in the radiator. Note also the condition of the radiator cap, if there is still a pile of dirt that needs to be cleaned. Things like this are very important especially to guard against overheating in street jammed.

Secondly, the possibility also to accumulation of significant amounts of carbon in the combustion chamber. Try one of the spark plugs. Notice if combustion is good enough or not. It could be the spark plug is no good anymore. So the spark plugs need to be replaced. Tune up action also needs to be done, not just an oil change. Some action tune up is check valve spacing, timing, carburetor settings, and the water in the filter. It is very important to maintain the performance of your car engine.

Third, maybe you can replace the timing belt. Ignition is reduced due to the reduced strain timing belt. Do not let the timing belt broke, because you will have more serious problems. And of course will require greater cost to fix it. Do not forget to pay attention to the fan belt. Fan alternator and water pump. AC fan belt also.

Fourth, check the clutch. Not only that, the parts related to the movement of the clutch, should also be examined. It could be loud enough so that the clutch is not normal anymore. Of events obtained from the questions above, it becomes clear, that routine car maintenance, it needs to be done. Routine maintenance is neglected can be fatal and even require a much larger cost. Because usually requires replacement of parts due to the addition of delay replacement parts that decreased performance.

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