Places of interesting tourist destinations in Peru


This is the interesting tourist destination that you should visit while you are on tour in Peru. If you go to Peru and did not visit any of these places, then it is very unfortunate.

Lake Titicaca, the floating village

There are 40 floating village in the Peruvian desert, Peru. Floating lake was created by the Uros tribe of Peru. In Inca times, supposedly islands floating village was used as a place of escape and refuge from the wars that never stops. Floating villages made of thatch grass Tortora with very high accuracy. Thatch grass tied with a very strong and floats on the surface of the lake Titicaca. It would be very love traveling experience you never forget.

Machu Pichu

It is a heritage site of the famous Inca empire. Machu Picchu is an attractive tourist destination. Tourist attractions that have historical value is very high. It is a cultural heritage that is almost forgotten, but was rediscovered in 1911 by archaeologist from Yale Hiram Bingham III.

Los banos del inca, hot springs

Los banos del inca is a source of hot water in Cajamarca, Peru. The name is taken from the name of the person. He is a Los banos del Inca. He is famous for capturing Atahualpa, the last emperor of the Inca empire. He camped in these hot springs. Los banos del inca are hot springs that you should visit if you are in Peru.

Nazca Lines, The line of mysterious space

Nazca lines are lines that are strange when seen from space. It is the image of the regular patterns of weird and wonderful. This is one of them. Pictures of other patterns can you look at the video below, or maybe you want to see the other symbols mysterious, here.

Other image pattern in video:


Sechin Bajo

Sechin Bajo is the oldest plaza ever founded. Sechin Bajo is located 370 km north of Lima, capital of Peru.

There are hundreds of archaeological places in Peru. It is a historical relic powerful Inca empire in his day. Inca achieve glory just before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors of the country which is now called Peru.

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